World’s First High-powered & Four Laser Wavelengths Mix LHR System


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A breakthrough hair removal pla­tform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its super laser power, large 7.5cm2 spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are now much faster, efficient and pain free – offering a significantly improved solution for patients and practitioners alike. Reaper Elite® leverages the benefits of four combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience and a business-oriented approach, creating a unique and result-driven new solution in the world of professional hair removal.

Key Features

  • 2400W Laser Power
  • 4 Wavelengths Mix
  • 7.5 cm2 Larger Spot Size
  • 3-Handpieces Port System
  • Up to 7 Adapter Tips Available

Technique Parameteres

Machine Power5000W
Pulse duration:10ms–300ms
Laser Shots:40,000,000
Warranty: Three years
Net weight:65kg
Dimension: 64 cm (L) x 57 cm (W) x 114 cm (H)

Wellcom to a smooth world

Developed from scratch, the modular Reaper Elite® system offers more of everything. More laser power, more wavelengths, more larger spot size, more flexibility and superior results.


2400W Laser Power

4 Wavelengths Mix

What sets Reaper Elite® apart is its unparalleled laser energy output of 2400 watts, a staggering 2-fold increase compared to other laser devices available in the market.

Reaper Elite® offers the synergistic benefits of all 4 most effective wavelengths (755,  808, 940, 1064 nm), each targeting different anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

3-Handpieces Port

Up to 7 Adapter Tips

Multiply your treatment options with our first three-handpiece port system on the market and save time with multiple handpieces connected simultaneously.

The lightweight, ergonomic and visually appealing 1ALEX®, 2PLUS® and 4ELITE® handpieces, each one equipped with 2 or 3 adapter/spot size tips and totally 7 adapter tips, are setting new standards in aesthetic laser medicine, ensuring maximum stability and flexibility.

3P Skin Cooling

Design with CARE

Reaper Elite® features Osiria®’s proprietary “triple skin cooling technology” for cooling before, during, and after laser emission, plus gel application, keeping the epidermis at normal temperature throughout the treatment stages for a nearly painless experience.

Not only technically good and ergonomically sensible, but also aesthetically pleasing and proportionally balanced – this is how our new Reaper Elite® presents itself.


A Beautiful Laser Quartet

Osiria® is proud to present Reaper Elite®, featuring quartet clustered diode technology, which combines 4 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

This comprehensive range guarantees unparalleled versatility, catering to diverse skin conditions and requirements. By combining the absorption and penetration levels of the four different wavelengths, with the advantages of treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the diode laser, Reaper Elite® achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today.

There is a complete series of newly developed handpieces to go with our new Reaper Elite®. 4ELITE®, 1ALEX® and 2PLUS® – that means maximum energy, maximum stability, maximum performance, intuitive operation and optimal control – for faster and more effective treatments than ever before.

Standard handpiece: 4ELITE®

  • 4ELITE® max (up to 7.5 cm2) – Unmatched Speed, Efficiency
  • 4ELITE® mid (standard 2.25 cm2) – Safe & Effective
  • 4ELITE® mini (only 0.5 cm2) – Precision Treatment
I Dual Screen Control

Touch screen on the handpiece for true dual screen operation.

II Indicator strip

Customize your unique content, like your logo or your name etc.

II Smart Tips

Automatically Recognize three Changeable Spot Sizes and give preset parameters.

Optional Handpiece: 1ALEX®

Ergonomic, Lightweight, Swan-neck Design, and Optimized for Light and Fine Hair.

2 Adapter Tips

  • 2.25cm2 (15*15 mm) Standard tip
  • 0.5cm2 (φ8 mm) Mini tip for precision treatment of hard-to-reach areas

Optional Handpiece: 2PLUS®

Ergonomic Handpiece Optimized for Treating Darker and Tanned Skin.

2 Adapter Tips

  • Up to 4.5cm2 (15*30 mm) Large spot size for more efficient treatment
  • 2.25cm2 (15*15 mm) Small tip with higher energy density

Reaper Elite® features Osiria®’s proprietary “triple skin cooling technology” for cooling before, during, and after laser emission, plus gel application, keeping the epidermis at normal temperature throughout the treatment stages for a nearly painless experience, making it the most comfortable laser hair removal procedure.

3P Skin Cooling

Pre-cooling plate that cools before laser emission

Parallel sapphire contact cooling during laser firing

The revolutionary Cooling System effectively reduces post-treatment thermal effects or erythema and decreases the sensation of pain, making the treatment safer and more comfortable.

OSIRIA®has a highly qualified training and clinical monitoring team that checks the clinical performance for the  devices developed by our R+D department and supervises  their application guidelines in order to achieve maximum results.

Time for an Upgrading

Offering an impressive increase of up to 50% in treatment speed and optimal optics delivery, Reaper Elite®’s performance is elevated to unprecedented levels.