If you’ve ever seen an Osiria, a kind of rose characterized by a clear color contrast between a cherry red petal and a white reverse, then you already know why they’re so popular.

Osiria Lasers is an Aesthetic Technology company, servicing hundreds of valued clients, with years of experience in aesthetic laser machines, from top to toe and “everything in between”.

Mission: Tech for Beauty, Make Beauty Happen

We believe in the power of beauty. Our mission is Tech for Beauty and make beauty happen. On the one hand, we must unswervingly enhance our aesthetic technology capabilities to provide clients with better and more suitable aesthetic equipment; on the other hand, we must continuously enrich our services menu to help clients achieve better clinical aesthetic results for their patients. Ultimately, we will create two major values for our clients, significantly reducing operating costs and continuing to increase operating income.

We are firm believers that technology makes beauty happen. R&D have always been our core base and DNA. By cooperating with well-known partners worldwide, we integrate and re-innovate cutting-edge technologies to inform, inspire, and empower innovations that centered on small and medium practitioners. This approach has served as a solid base from which we lead the industry with the shortest time to market: within 1 year vs. the 3-4 years industry standard. Therefore, we are and will always be at the forefront of medical and aesthetics technologies, redefining the industry through an endless desire to innovate and transform, determined to become a segment market leader.

Vision: Become an Aesthetic Technology Company Trusted and Loved by Clientele

Named for such a people-loved rose, Osiria Lasers is committed to becoming an Aesthetic Technology Company Trusted and Loved by Clientele. We focus on serving small and medium beauty or laser clinics around the world, providing a Complete Range of Aesthetic Laser Devices and Customized Services. We deeply understand the broad and individual needs of our target clients. That’s why we have put together a support package that begins with the first conservation and will stay with clients as their business begins to see the benefits. In a word, continuing to win the trust and love of our clients has always been our eternal pursuit.

Value: Honest and Trustworthy, Performance-Driven, People-Oriented, Win-win Cooperation

Building on our extraordinary value, we continue our mission  and vision to help small and medium beauty salons/medical beauty clinics.

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